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Jetwash-induced  vortices and climate change    
  • Wesley Schouw,
  • Prof. Gunter Pauli
Wesley Schouw
independent researcher and author
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Prof. Gunter Pauli
as contributing author. , visiting professor at Politecnico di Torino (2001-2015), author of The Blue Economy
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A revised view of the factors causing climate change which has immediate implications for public policy directed at halting or slowing climate change, and at ameliorating its effects.Climate change is driven primarily by shifts in patterns of global atmospheric circulation driven by persistent, large-scale vortices caused by the wake turbulence left by commercial air traffic. Because this traffic is so densely concentrated along the most highly-traveled routes, the vortices become semi-permanent, and their effects on atmospheric circulation are causing widespread changes in how the atmosphere traps and releases heat.