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An Inflatable Surgical Glove to Control Postpartum Bleeding Following Cesarean Hysterectomy
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  • Ali Elsaman,
  • noha mousa,
  • Tarek Farghaly,
  • Mohammed Khairy,
  • Mohamed Salama,
  • Dina Habib,
  • Esraa Badran,
  • Mostafa Bahlool,
  • Ahmad Yousef,
  • Alshimaa Hassan,
  • Dina Elsaman,
  • Sherif Shazly
Ali Elsaman
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noha mousa
University of Sharjah
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Tarek Farghaly
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Mohammed Khairy
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Mohamed Salama
Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine
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Dina Habib
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Esraa Badran
Author Profile
Mostafa Bahlool
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Ahmad Yousef
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Alshimaa Hassan
Author Profile
Dina Elsaman
Assiut University Faculty of Medicine
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Sherif Shazly
Mayo Clinic
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Cesarean hysterectomy remains a life-saving surgery mostly performed under critical circumstances to control severe obstetric hemorrhage. Post-hysterectomy pelvic bleeding is a serious complication that may arise despite securing all accessible vascular pedicles. Pelvic compression presents a key last resort in the management of such challenging cases. No procedure-related intraoperative complications were encountered. One patient developed surgical site infection that was treated by antibiotics and secondary closure. In summary, we believe that the present balloon tamponade has employed a low-cost readily available equipment to provide a rapid and simple intervention which can be potentially lifesaving for women with pelvic hemorrhage post-hysterectom