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Existence of positive solutions of second-order delayed differential system on infinite interval
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  • Ran Ding,
  • Fanglei Wang,
  • Nannan Yang,
  • Yuanfang RU
Ran Ding
Hohai University
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Fanglei Wang
College of Science, Hohai University
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Nannan Yang
Hohai University
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Yuanfang RU
China Pharmaceutical University
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The present paper is focused on the analysis on the existence of positive solutions of a second order differential system with two delays

\begin{equation} \left\{\begin{array}{lcr}x_{1}^{\prime\prime}(t)-a_{1}(t)x_{1}(t)+m_{1}(t)f_{1}(t,x(t),x_{\tau}(t))=0,\ \ t>0,\\ x_{2}^{\prime\prime}(t)-a_{2}(t)x_{2}(t)+m_{2}(t)f_{2}(t,x(t),x_{\tau}(t))=0,\ \ t>0,\\ x_{1}(t)=0,\ \ -\tau_{1}\ \leq t\leq 0,\;\text{and}\;\lim_{t\rightarrow\infty}x_{1}(t)=0,\\ x_{2}(t)=0,\ \ -\tau_{2}\ \leq t\leq 0,\;\text{and}\;\lim_{t\rightarrow\infty}x_{2}(t)=0\end{array}\right.\nonumber \\ \end{equation}

by using two well-known fixed point theorems.

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23 Feb 2020Submitted to Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
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