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Trainee’s Perception Of Applied Anatomy Knowledge in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: A prospective cross-sectional study
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  • Ismaiel Abu Mahfouz,
  • Fida Asali,
  • Heba Abu Saleem,
  • Maha Mohammad,
  • Salem Abu Mahfouz,
  • Oqba Al-Kuran
Ismaiel Abu Mahfouz
Al-Balqa' Applied University
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Fida Asali
The Hashemite University Faculty of Medicine
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Heba Abu Saleem
The Specialty Hospital
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Maha Mohammad
The University of Jordan
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Salem Abu Mahfouz
The Hashemite University
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Oqba Al-Kuran
The University of Jordan
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Abstract Objective Evaluate Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) trainees’ knowledge in surgical anatomy Designs Prospective cross-sectional study. Setting Departments of O&G in various hospitals Population Trainees in O&G recruited between 1st August to 1 December 2019 Method: Hard copy questionnaire based study. Information regarding demographics such as gender, year of training, attendance at applied anatomy workshop. In addition, perception of surgical anatomy knowledge was recorded. Main outcome measures Perception of surgical anatomy knowledge among trainees Results We recruited 271 trainees, mean age 29.3 years, and 80.1% rated value of medical school course as average or above. In addition, 90.8% never attended anatomy workshop, and 9.6% and 62% of first and fifth year residents respectively rated their knowledge as either good or very good, and 41.7% reported that anatomy demonstrations by senior doctors happened sometimes. Perception of knowledge was statistically significantly more in higher training years, higher perceived value in medical school course, attendance at anatomy lectures, more operating experience, and when senior doctors demonstrate anatomy more often . Conclusion Deficiencies were identified in surgical anatomy knowledge among resident in all years. Factors identified which may improve knowledge include more applied undergraduate anatomy courses, more operating sessions and anatomy workshops, and more senior colleagues’ demonstration of surgical anatomy . Overall knowledge in regards to anatomy needs to be improved for better patient safety. Keywords: obstetrics, gynaecology, surgical anatomy, medical students, resident doctors Tweetable abstract Do Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainees have adequate surgical anatomy knowledge? Funding: No funding was requited for this study