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CFD versus experiment: an investigation on liquid weeping of Nye tray
  • Vali Shafieyoun,
  • Zarrin Nasri
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Vali Shafieyoun
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Zarrin Nasri
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Weeping was investigated using some tests and a numerical model. The tests were performed within a 1.22 m-diameter pilot-scale column including two chimney trays and two Nye test trays by air-water system. The rates of weeping were measured in Nye trays with two heights of the weir and a 5% hole area. Moreover, the weeping rate in outlet half and inlet half of the Nye tray and the total weeping rate were calculated. Afterward, an Eulerian-Eulerian CFD technique was used in the current study. The results show good consistency between the attained CFD findings and the experimental data.