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Unsolved questions in prophylactic tricuspid valve repair and the possible role of transcatheter tricuspid intervention
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  • Ana Paula Tagliari,
  • Diego Vilela Santos,
  • Eduardo Keller Saadi,
  • Maurizio Taramasso,
  • carlos mestres
Ana Paula Tagliari
University Hospital Zurich
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Diego Vilela Santos
Incor – Instituto do Coração de Natal
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Eduardo Keller Saadi
Hospital São Lucas da Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
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Maurizio Taramasso
UniversityHospital Zurich
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carlos mestres
University Hospital Zurich
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Tricuspid regurgitation progression after left-sided surgery and its correlation with worse postoperative and long-term outcomes is a highly debated topic. Some studies support prophylactic tricuspid repair based on annulus dimension rather than on tricuspid regurgitation severity only, while others are in favor of more conservative management. Furthermore, the advent of percutaneous tricuspid valve intervention and its promising short-term outcomes has introduced a new factor to be taken into account on the tricuspid intervention decision-making process. We present a review on prophylactic tricuspid valve intervention, covering currently available data, as well as the role of transcatheter tricuspid valve intervention in this equation.