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Advances in characteristics of intestinal flora and mechanism of probiotics against food allergy
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  • Xiaoying Tian,
  • Xiaohong Zhou,
  • Hong He,
  • Lanwei Zhang
Xiaoying Tian
Ocean University of China
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Xiaohong Zhou
Qingdao Center Hospital
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Hong He
The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University
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Lanwei Zhang
Ocean University of China
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Food allergy was an adverse immune-mediated reaction caused by food intake, which will cause serious harm to the human body. In recent years, more and more research evidence showed that intestinal microorganisms affected the pathogenesis and course of food allergy, which inspired people to explore microbiological therapy for the prevention and treatment of food allergy. This paper will review the research achievements in the past few years from several aspects, including the immunological mechanism of food allergy at the cellular and molecular level, the regulation of food allergy by intestinal flora through a variety of mechanisms, and the prevention and treatment mechanism and effect of probiotics on food allergy, to provide new regulatory targets and research ideas for the prevention and treatment of food allergies and a theoretical basis for probiotics to alleviate food allergies.