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Food Facts, Nutrients and Immunity System for COVID-19 Prevention
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  • Rokayya Sami,
  • Jingwen Xu,
  • Fuguo Jia,
  • Yang Li
Rokayya Sami
Northeast Agricultural University
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Jingwen Xu
Northeast Agricultural University
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Fuguo Jia
Northeast Agricultural University
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Yang Li
Northeast Agricultural University
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The world is in front of a risky epidemic due to novel coronavirus (2019-CoV or COVID-19). This virus is not only affected human health but it affected the economy and caused completely paralysis in many countries of the world. Various therapeutic, medicinal, scientific, and technological communities are demanding to find out specifically and to approve successful strategies for discovering the effective vaccine which can lead to stop the virus expansion, recognize medication, reduce humanity health hazards, serious infections, death rates. The importance of natural effective nutritious food and diet having peculiar immunity is highlighted which pointed out the unconfirmed dietary option risks which would lead to decline effective precautionary procedures. This report is aimed to focus on the most effective food and nutrients which trigger the body immunity system and prevent the coronavirus type infections.

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07 May 2020Submitted to International Journal of Clinical Practice
09 May 2020Assigned to Editor
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