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Finite Element analysis on the stress behavior of Steel Spring and Metal Matrix composite based leaf spring
  • Harmeet Singh
Harmeet Singh
Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology
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Aluminum-based metal matrix composite material found to be the best alternative to make auto components with its unique mechanical properties and lightweight. This present work, an attempt has made to use finite element based software to find out stress analysis of steel spring and composite leaf spring. EN 45 steel spring used in automobile vehicles has selected as principle application. For analysis purposes, metal matrix composite based leaf spring prepared and compared with steel leaf spring. The main objective of this research work to find the possibilities to replace the steel spring by metal matrix composite based leaf spring. Finite element based software ANSYS 18.0 was used for analysis purposes. The Result showed that metal matrix composite leaf spring has 38% less stress as compared to the steel spring. Compared to steel spring, the composite leaf spring has 50% less weight.