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Developing Finite Element Analysis Model to Predict the Behavior of Material under Contact Mechanics
  • Omar Quran,
  • Mohammad Almajali,
  • Aziz Almahadin
Omar Quran
Al-Balqa' Applied University Faculty of Engineering
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Mohammad Almajali
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Aziz Almahadin
Higher Colleges of Technology
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Contact mechanics is concerned with the behavior of two materials in contact with each other under various load conditions. Many experimental studies were conducted to give a better understanding of this phenomenon as it is affected by several factors. It is imperative to incorporate the numerical methods in predicating such behavior for the sake of time and money. This study focused on the finite element analysis (FEA) using ABAQUS software program to investigate the parameter affecting the life of the materials in contact with each other. The data of this study was based on the experimental work conducted on Titanium Alloy under phase difference between the axial and contact load. The result from this study was also compared to the analytic solution for the contact mechanics as well as the experimental one. Findings show that the FEA was in a very good agreement with the Ruiz program and other experimental studies. The greatest value of tangential load to contact load ratio was found at in-phase condition while the Modified Shear Stress Range (MSSR) was higher for the out-of-phase condition. This result shows an increase of 145% in the fatigue life for the out-of-phase condition in comparison to in-phase condition. So the FEA can be adopted to predict the material fatigue life and the crack initiation location and orientation.