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The Use of Tissue Sealant in Parotidectomy -- a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
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  • Djamila Rojoa,
  • Firas Raheman,
  • Rosanna Wright,
  • Samit Ghosh
Djamila Rojoa
Royal Oldham Hospital
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Firas Raheman
Leicester Royal Infirmary
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Rosanna Wright
Royal Oldham Hospital
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Samit Ghosh
Royal Oldham Hospital
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Background: Drains are used post-parotidectomy to reduce seroma and haematoma formation. Tissue derived thrombin sealant can enable a drainless procedure, allowing for an earlier discharge, less discomfort and a more cost-efficient method. We aimed to assess whether tissue sealant improves wound-related outcomes in parotidectomy. Method: A systematic literature review was performed using a standardised published methodology and custom database search strategy. A fixed-effect meta-analysis of the combined complications was conducted. Results: Thirteen studies were identified relating to parotidectomies using tissue sealants. Our analysis showed a statistically significant reduction in the complication rates with tissue sealant use, including haematoma and seroma (Odds Ratio 0.59 [0.36, 0.95], 95% CI, I2 =23%, P =0.03). Conclusion: The use of drains post-parotidectomy is superseded by tissue sealant due to the shorter admission time and the lower risk of post-operative complications.

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