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Pharmacists' Involvement in Diabetic Care
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  • Muhammed Ansil,
  • Muhammad Sadik,
  • Kabeer Pk,
  • Ajay K raj,
  • Amal Manzoor
Muhammed Ansil
KMCT Group of Educational Institutions
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Muhammad Sadik
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Kabeer Pk
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Ajay K raj
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Amal Manzoor
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Objectives &Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is an emerging chronic disease with global significance . This article reviews 35 RCTs to identify the benefits of pharmacists’ involvement in diabetic care in reducing the risk of diabetic complications and/or disease progression. Methods: 35 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) were picked from 3210 publications listed on PubMed, using the keywords: diabetes, pharmacist, interventions and complications. Results of the studies were analysed and interpreted. Result: Interventions made by Pharmacists offer a potential benefit in achieving the goal of therapy in diabetes, perhaps by improving medication adherence and minimising diabetes-related complications significantly. Hence this review concludes that pharmacists can potentially play a pivotal role in the management of DM and maintain their QOL. In developing countries with poor record of pharmaceutical services, it is important to highlight the role of pharmacists in achieving rational and evidence-based pharmacotherapy. Conclusion: This study emphasizes Pharmacists’ vital position in diabetic patient care. Pharmacists improve adherence to the drug, quality of life, cost-effectiveness of health care in patients with diabetes. These findings support the irreplaceable role of pharmacists in the diabetic care.

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16 Jul 2020Submitted to International Journal of Clinical Practice
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