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COVID-19 -- The Argentinian Perspective.
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  • Federico Benetti,
  • Sergio Del Prete ,
  • Mario Glanc,
  • Daniel Navia
Federico Benetti
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Sergio Del Prete
University ISALUD
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Mario Glanc
University ISALUD
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Daniel Navia
Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Aires
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Abstract Introduction The excellent coordination and action by the Ministry of Health of the Nation with the 24 provinces and between the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the metropolitan area of the homonymous Province, resulted in the moment, in mortality less than 2% and occupation of critical care beds that does not exceed 63%,.Material and Methods Regarding cardiovascular care in the group of patients over 65 years of age, a more accurate analysis could be performed when two comparative half-yearly periods corresponding to the years 2019 and 2020 (pandemic time) were compared. The data collected regarding this age range revealed issues that had not previously been evaluated in our country. That undoubtedly proposes a different solution for the future based on a strict scientific analysis Results, for example, the number of patients who received a stent in relation to coronary artery surgery is greater than 6 to 1, and compared to surgery without pump and minimally invasive from 69 to 1 Conclusion The Argentinian Perspective is good because has an excellent level of qualified medical training in its cardiac and interventional Cardiologist services, as well as healthcare infrastructure distributed throughout the country, which will undoubtedly be able to respond to the new challenges posed for the post-pandemic stage

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