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Erector spinae plane block in laparoscopic nephrectomy as a cause of involuntary hemodynamic instability: a case report.
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  • Antonio Coviello,
  • Ludovica Golino,
  • Alfredo Maresca,
  • Maria Vargas,
  • Giuseppe Servillo
Antonio Coviello
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Ludovica Golino
Federico II University Hospital
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Alfredo Maresca
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Maria Vargas
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Giuseppe Servillo
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Ultrasound-guided Erector spinae planae block was practiced after induction of general anesthesia on a male heart patient to perform a nephrectomy, with the aim of an opioid-sparing approach. We founded an important hemodynamic instability 15 minutes after the execution of the block and we want to investigate the possible causes.

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18 Aug 2020Submitted to Clinical Case Reports
20 Aug 2020Assigned to Editor
20 Aug 2020Submission Checks Completed