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A case of congenital single testis with testicular cancer patient and azoospermia who was able to collect spermatozoa with ipsilateral Onco-TESE
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  • Kazumasa Hayashi,
  • Hiroshi Masuda,
  • Teruo Inamoto,
  • Haruhito Azuma,
  • Hirotsugu Oku
Kazumasa Hayashi
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Hiroshi Masuda
Tesseikai Neurologial Surgery Hospital
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Teruo Inamoto
Osaka Medical College Hospital
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Haruhito Azuma
Osaka Medical College Hospital
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Hirotsugu Oku
KItahama RD Clinic
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Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with testicular cancer often cause infertility. We describe congenital single testis patient with testicular cancer and azoospermia who was underwent ipsilateral Onco-TESE during radical orchiectomy and succeeded in sperm collection, followed by having a healthy child after ICSI.

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19 Aug 2020Submitted to Clinical Case Reports
21 Aug 2020Assigned to Editor
21 Aug 2020Submission Checks Completed
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