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Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs: Perceptions, and Practices among Jordanian Practitioners
  • Rawand Khasawneh,
  • Mera ababneh,
  • Sayer Al-azzam
Rawand Khasawneh
Jordan University of Science and Technology
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Mera ababneh
Jordan University of Science and Technology
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Sayer Al-azzam
Jordan University of Science and Technology
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Abstract Background Rising incidents of antibiotic resistance and development of multidrug resistance bacteria is an increasing concern in Jordan. Antimicrobial stewardship programs are of paramount importance in containing this problem. It is important to be aware of healthcare practitioners’ view of antimicrobial stewardship programs and how it influences their choice of antibiotics. Objective To assess Jordanian practitioners’ perceptions and practices towards antimicrobial stewardship programs. Methods This was a multicenter, cross sectional study in which physicians and clinical pharmacists were approached to fill out a close-ended structured questionnaire covering aspects related to antimicrobial stewardship program perceptions and practices. Main outcome measure Comparison of median scores (interquartile ranges). Results A total of 286 participants were enrolled in the study. There was an overall positive perception towards antimicrobial stewardship program, while practices related to this element was still suboptimal. Additional comparison of the overall perception scores among different demographic characteristics showed that longer years of practice, postgraduate studies, and practice in academic sectors yielded higher perception scores (p value= 0.0335, 0.0328, and 0.0007 respectively). Conclusion There is an imminent need to enhance Jordanian practitioners’ knowledge about antimicrobial stewardship programs. A clear recognition of integral antimicrobial stewardship programs’ components must be coupled with highlight changes in current practices related to antimicrobials usage and prescription. Keywords: Antibiotic, Stewardship, Jordan, Clinical Pharmacist, Physician, Perception, Practice

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05 Sep 2020Submitted to International Journal of Clinical Practice
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