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Do patients correctly use steroid nose spray? A patient-reported survey of the nasal spray technique and patient compliance
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  • Waqas Jamil,
  • Abdullah Alahwal,
  • Ravinder Suman,
  • Farah Naz,
  • Thomas Beech
Waqas Jamil
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
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Abdullah Alahwal
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
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Ravinder Suman
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
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Farah Naz
Dow University of Health Sciences
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Thomas Beech
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
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Objectives; To investigate spray technique and compliance among patients using steroid nasal spray. Design: Patient-reported survey Setting; Single centre study- a tertiary care hospital Participants: 100 participants (1 excluded) Main outcome measures 1) Nasal spray technique 2) Patient compliance Results: Out of 99 participants included in this study only one patient used steroid nose spray with a completely correct spray technique. Only 40% of patients received guidance instructions from the prescriber about the spray technique. 70% of patients reported using their spray regularly while 14% and 16% reported using mostly and sometimes respectively. 53% of patients were found using the correct dosage of the spray while 34% of patients were using incorrect dose and 13% cases dosage was unknown. Conclusions: Wrong spray technique is extremely common and can be easily corrected. Patient compliance can also be improved further. This survey emphasizes the importance of giving written and verbal instructions about the use of spray to the patients. We recommend following the written instructions for the use of steroid nasal spray from “British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology” or/and video tutorial from “asthma.org.uk- how to use nasal spray”

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07 Sep 2020Submitted to Clinical Otolaryngology
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