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A study of geometric properties of Generalized Bessel-Maitland function
  • Amit Soni,
  • Deepak Bansal
Amit Soni
Engineering College Bikaner
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Deepak Bansal
University College of Engineering and Technology, Bikaner
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In the present study, we first introduce Generalized Bessel-Maitland function $\mathbb{J}^{\xi }_{\zeta,a}(z)$ and then derive sufficient conditions under which the Generalized Bessel-Maitland function $\mathbb{J}^{\xi}_{\zeta,a}(z)$ have geometric properties like univalency, starlikeness and convexity in the open unit disk $\mathscr{D}$.

Peer review status:POSTED

16 Oct 2020Submitted to Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
16 Oct 2020Assigned to Editor
16 Oct 2020Submission Checks Completed