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Stepanov pseudo almost periodic functions and applications
  • Kamal Khalil,
  • Marko Kostic,
  • Manuel Pinto
Kamal Khalil
Cadi Ayyad University Faculty of Sciences Semlalia
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Marko Kostic
University of Novi Sad Faculty of Technical Sciences
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Manuel Pinto
Universidad de Chile Facultad de Ciencias Fisicas y Matematicas
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In this work, we present basic results and applications of Stepanov pseudo almost periodic functions with measure. Using only the continuity assumption, we prove a new composition result of $\mu$-pseudo almost periodic functions in Stepanov sense. Moreover, we present different applications to semilinear differential equations and inclusions in Banach spaces with weak regular forcing terms. We prove the existence and uniqueness of $\mu$-pseudo almost periodic solutions (in the strong sense) to a class of semilinear fractional inclusions and semilinear evolution equations, respectively, provided that the nonlinear forcing terms are only Stepanov $ \mu $-pseudo almost periodic in the first variable and not a uniformly strict contraction with respect to the second argument. Some examples illustrating our theoretical results are also presented.

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