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Surgery with emicizumab prophylaxis for two pediatric patients with severe haemophilia A with inhibitors
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  • Marguerite Lockhart,
  • Brigitte TARDY-PONCET,
  • Aurélie Montmartin,
  • Pauline Noyel,
  • Sandrine Thouvenin-Doulet,
  • Claire Berger
Marguerite Lockhart
CHU Saint-Étienne
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EA 3065, Université Jean-Monnet, INSERM CIC 1408
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Aurélie Montmartin
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Pauline Noyel
CHU Saint-Étienne
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Sandrine Thouvenin-Doulet
University Hospital, Saint Etienne
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Claire Berger
CHU Saint-Étienne
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Emicizumab is a prophylaxis for patients with severe haemophilia A with inhibitor. Despite the daily prophylaxis, coagulation states stay below normal value and cannot be assessed by standard hemostasis techniques. In our two patients, we use thrombin generation assay (endogenous thrombin potential (ETP) and Peak) to monitor the patient’s clotting status. Under emicizumab, it is needed to add by-passing agent such as FVIIa (Novoseven®) to avoid bleeding before surgery. By-passing agent dose was chosen with the help of thrombin generation assay and after collegial concertation.

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