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Prior use of therapeutic anticoagulation does not protect against COVID-19 related clinical outcomes in hospitalized patients: a propensity score-matched cohort study
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  • Janneke Spiegelenberg,
  • Marleen van Gelder,
  • Martje Maas,
  • marcel Hovens,
  • Anne Esselink,
  • Anton Dofferhoff,
  • Rob Janssen,
  • Josephine van de Maat,
  • Jacobien Hoogerwerf,
  • Nico Janssen,
  • Marianne van Apeldoorn,
  • Angèle Kerckhoffs,
  • Karin Veerman,
  • Marc Blaauw,
  • Robert Jan Hassing,
  • Kees Kramers,
  • Jenneke Leentjens
Janneke Spiegelenberg
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Marleen van Gelder
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Martje Maas
Bernhoven Hospital Location Uden
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marcel Hovens
Hospital Rijnstate Arnhem
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Anne Esselink
Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital
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Anton Dofferhoff
Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis
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Rob Janssen
Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis
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Josephine van de Maat
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Jacobien Hoogerwerf
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Nico Janssen
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Marianne van Apeldoorn
Jeroen Bosch Hospital
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Angèle Kerckhoffs
Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis
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Karin Veerman
Sint Maartenskliniek
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Marc Blaauw
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Robert Jan Hassing
Hospital Rijnstate Arnhem
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Kees Kramers
Radboud Universiteit
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Jenneke Leentjens
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The hypercoagulable state observed in COVID-19 could be responsible for morbidity and mortality. In this retrospective study we investigated whether therapeutic anticoagulation prior to infection has a beneficial effect in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. 1154 COVID-19 patients admitted to 6 hospitals in the Netherlands between March and May 2020 were included. We applied 1:3 propensity score matching to evaluate the association between prior therapeutic anticoagulation use and clinical outcome, with in hospital mortality as primary endpoint. 190 (16%) patients used therapeutic anticoagulation prior to admission. In the propensity score matched analyses, we observed no associations between prior use of therapeutic anticoagulation and overall mortality (RR 1.02 (95% CI; 0.80-1.30) or length of hospital stay (7.0 [4-12] vs 7.0 {4-12] days, p=0.69), although we observed a lower risk of pulmonary embolism (RR 0.19 (95% CI; 0.05-0.80). This study shows that prior use of therapeutic anticoagulation is not associated with improved clinical outcome in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

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