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Percutaneous approach with AngioVac system for complicated hepatic rupture in pregnancy.
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  • Vincenzo Tarzia,
  • Antonio Piperata,
  • roberto vezzaro,
  • alessandro volpe,
  • Gino Gerosa
Vincenzo Tarzia
Division of Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua
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Antonio Piperata
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roberto vezzaro
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alessandro volpe
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Gino Gerosa
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ABSTRACT The hepatic rupture durig pregnancy is a catastrophic clinical issue associated with high fetal and maternal mortality. We describe the case of hepatic hemangioma rupture complicated by massive thrombosis of the inferior vena cava successfully treated by using AngioVac aspiration system. Although an aggressive surgical strategy is recommended, a multidisciplinary approach using modern devices can represent a new frontier in the treatment of these patients.