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Fatigue damage healing model based on dislocation reverse-back under unconstraint vibration condition for copper film
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  • Haimeng Zhang,
  • De-Guang Shang,
  • Xiao-Dong Liu,
  • Yu Zhang
Haimeng Zhang
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De-Guang Shang
Beijing University of Technology
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Xiao-Dong Liu
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In this investigation, it is found that the generated elastic stress during the unconstraint vibration treatment process can act as the dislocation driving stress on the dislocation in the micro-scale. When the sum of the dislocation driving stress, the image stress and the back stress exceeds the motion resistance of the dislocations in a pile-up, the dislocations begin to reverse back, and the pile-up disappear. Based on this principle, a fatigue damage-healing model under unconstraint vibration condition was proposed. The verified results showed that the damaged copper film can be effectively healed by the vibration guided by the model calculation.