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Design and Realization of Residential Property Management Information System Based on Browser/Server Mode
  • Mingze Ma


In response to the needs of Chinese community residents for property management, this article designed and developed a residential property management information system based on the B/S model. The system development adopts the browser/server (B/S) architecture, Java as the development language, the framework adopts Spring MVC mode, the MySQL database is used, the source code and database interaction process uses the Mybatis framework, and the front-end display uses the VUE.js framework to realize the residential property. Manage the data reporting and statistics of each link.Functional modules include:owner information, real estate information, engineering equipment, personnel management, lease management.The system has passed the functional test,,It has been in trial operation for one year in multiple residential communities. The results show:the system has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, strong scalability, etc., which can assist property managers in scientific, convenient and efficient community property management, improve the informatization and modernization of community property management, enhance the experience of community owners, and improve the satisfaction of community owners degree.