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Application of Microfluidic Technology in Field of Antibody Preparation
  • Heng Sun,
  • Ning Hu,
  • jianhua wang
Heng Sun
Chongqing University
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Ning Hu
Chongqing University
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jianhua wang
Chongqing University
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Microfluidic technology is a science and technology that can accurately manipulate fluids in micro-sized channels. In recent years, microfluidic devices have attracted wide attention due to its easy manipulation, miniaturized size, high throughput and precise control, which provide a potential platform for antibody screening. This review paper provides an overview of recent advances in microfluidic methods application in the field of antibody preparation. While hybridoma technology and four antibody engineering techniques including phage display, single B cell antibody screening, antibody expression and cell-free protein synthesis are mainly introduced, important advances of experimental models and results are also discussed. Furthermore, the authors expound on the limitations of current microfluidic screening system and present future directions of antibody screening platform based on microfluidics. Antibody preparation on microfluidics combined with other technologies has huge application potential in the field of biomedicine, and it is anticipated to be further developed.

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17 Dec 2020Submitted to Biotechnology and Bioengineering
22 Dec 2020Assigned to Editor
22 Dec 2020Submission Checks Completed
04 Mar 2021Reviewer(s) Assigned