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Controlling Quantum Wave Packet of Electronic Motion on Field-Dressed Coulomb Potential of H2+ by Carrier-Envelope Phase-Dependent Strong Field Laser Pulses
  • Mohammad Noh Daud
Mohammad Noh Daud
University of Malaya
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Solving numerically a non-Born-Oppenheimer time-dependent Schrödinger equation to study the dissociative-ionization of H2 subjected to strong field six-cycle laser pulses (I = 4 × 1014 W/cm2, λ = 800 nm) leads to newly ultrafast images of electron dynamics in H2+. The electron distribution in H2+ oscillates symmetrically with laser cycle with θ + π periodicity and gets trapped between two protons for about 8 fs by a Coulomb potential well. Nonetheless, this electron symmetrical distribution breaks up for the H2+ internuclear separation larger than 9 a.u. in the field-free region at a time duration of 24 fs as a result of the distortion of Coulomb potential where the ejected electron preferentially localizes in one of the double-well potential separated by the inner Coulomb potential barrier. Moreover, controlling laser carrier-envelope phase θ enables one to generate the highest total asymmetry Aetot of 0.75 and -0.75 at 10 and 190, respectively, associated with the electron preferential directionality being ionized to the left or the right paths along the H2+ molecular axis. Thus the laser-controlled electron slightly reorganizes its position accordingly to track the shift in the position of the protons despite much heavier the proton’s mass.

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