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Ocean acidification around Vulcanello Bay, Vulcano, as a result of volcanic- and increased fumarolic activity
  • Nouria Jantz
Nouria Jantz
Jacobs University Bremen
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Ocean acidification has been one of the major problems that environmental scientists have seen themselves face with. The causes are varied, ranging from anthropogenic CO2 input to volcanic activity. Around Vulcanello Bay, fumarole with their acidic output into the ocean, are the direct consequence of volcanic activity. We took 58 surface pH measurements around Vulcanello Bay, once on a day of normal fumarolic output, and again on a day of increased fumarolic activity. The results were that on the day of incresed output, the water was significantly more acidic than on a normal day. However, even the data corresponding to regulare fumarolic output, led to a result showing overall slightly more acidic water than when samples in the same region were taking in 2013.