Authorea goes to Paris

The Authorea team


Great news! We're happy to announce that Authorea is one of the winners of the NYC-Paris Business Exchange competition. We'll be opening an Authorea office in Paris in March 2016. C'est génial!       

The competition was organized by the Cities of New York and Paris to reinforce their economic relations. The exchange aims to help New York City-based companies expand to Paris, and vice versa, by offering 6 months of free co-working space, events, and business development support.

If you are in Paris and are interested in having the Authorea team visit your University or Institution to give a demo, this is a great time to get in touch. Actually it doesn't matter if you are in Paris or not, it's always a great time to reach out and arrange a visit!

Happy Writing! 
-The Authorea Team

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