How to import documents from arXiv, Overleaf, and ShareLaTeX

The Authorea Team

Do you write in LaTeX? At Authorea, importing from arXiv, ShareLaTeX, and Overleaf is now as simple as pasting your document’s URL.

By bringing your work to Authorea, you can take advantage of the power of Authorea for writing LaTeX natively on the web, Authorea’s powerful citation tool, one-click export to over 90 journal formats, and the ability to include live interactive figures in your articles.

Clicking on the Import/New button at the top right of your homepage will now give you three new import options available in imports from URL:

  • Import an document,

  • Import your (public) ShareLaTeX document,

  • Import your Overleaf document,

And as always, you can also import a LaTeX/BibTeX combo or a compressed LaTeX archive.

At Authorea, we’re excited to integrate with external academic services to make your writing experience as seamless as possible. We’re pleased to announce this improvement to our document importer. Now you can bring your work into Authorea from three very useful LaTeX-centered services – arXiv, ShareLaTeX and Overleaf – just by typing the document’s URL.

Remember: we hate vendor lock-in as much as you. You can export your documents (in full, including the git log) from Authorea at any time.

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