9th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival x Authorea

The Authorea Team

Authorea is delighted to announce a landmark sponsorship with Imagine Science Film Festival, a not-for-profit organization that fosters collaboration between scientists and filmmakers. The sponsorship is part of Authorea's ongoing commitment to heighten the relevance of scientists' research as a benefit to society and to cultivate collaboration across disciplines and borders. We're excited for the opportunity to reach a broader audience with the Imagine Science Film Festival, as they inspire passion for science through film and art.

"The Imagine Science Film Festival is a conversation between scientists, filmmakers, and artists to explore the latest scientific advances and theories in unique and thought-provoking ways." - Nate Dorr, Director of Programming

9th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival

Date: Friday, October 14, 2016 - Friday, October 21, 2016
Location: New York, NY
Tickets: available Friday, September 23

This year's theme is Light.

"Light through film at 24 frames per second is cinema. Light striking the retina is vision. Sunlight feeding photosynthesis is the foundation of life. Light, then, is always implicitly at the heart of the festival, but this year it's the primary subject as well."
We can anticipate magnificent documentaries, shorts, and features on photons and photography, optics and the occipital lobe, solar energy and solar flares, shadows and hallucinations and color perception. Past themes include Air and Time. Check out last year's winners.

This year's winners will receive

  • Scientific Merit Away - $2,500
  • People's Choice Award - $1,000
  • Authorea Scientist Award - $500 + 1 year subscription to Authorea premium
  • Chroma Visual Science Award - $500

In addition to the prizes above from regular submissions, participants can also enter the 7-day Symbiosis Film Competition.  Filmmakers and scientists will pair up and and write, shoot, edit, and score a short film over the course of 1 week. The contest starts on Friday, October 14th and the winner, who will receive the Labocine Symbiosis Award, which includes $2,500 in cash and a free subscription to Labocine Issues, will be announced on the closing day. Read more about the competition here

Below, we've included some stills from previous submissions. Check out last year's winners here
Regular Imagine Film Festival jury includes Rachel Chanoff, Beau Lotto, Erin Espelie, Heather Berlin, Caleb Scharf, and Matthew Putnam. Symbiosis jury is comprised of members from Motherboard, Bowery Arts+Science, and Ligo Project. Other sponsors include Nanotronics, Chroma, Traces, Guayaki, Lagunitas, PharmaVoice, Nautilus, Story Collider, Ligo Project, LaboCine, and The Science & Entertainment Exchange.

See you there!

The Authorea Team

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