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Statistical Merits of U Control Chart when Using VSSI Sampling Policy
  • Din Mohammad Imani,
  • Mohsen Shojaie
Din Mohammad Imani
Iran University of Science and Technology
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Mohsen Shojaie
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Many scientific researches have shown an obvious fact that the quality control charts with variable sampling schemes are more effective than the classical ones in improving statistical measures. The average number of false alarms (ANF), the average number of samples (ANS), the average number of inspected items (ANI), and the adjusted average time to signal (AATS) are the most important statistical measures that have always been attending in the evaluation of control charts. In this paper, a comprehensive analytical review on the U control chart by the statistical measures have been explained. For this purpose, different levels of the possible factors are determined and presented the results of calculating the statistical measures with the obtained parameters on the sampling schemes of the U control chart. It is shown that the variable U control charts are able to improve the effectiveness statistical, especially for detecting shifts and number of false alarms.

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02 Feb 2021Published in Engineering Reports. 10.1002/eng2.12351