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Synthesis of Novel Hyperbranched Alkyd Resin from Castor Oil Fatty Amide Polyol and Application in Polyurethane Coating
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Abstract A novel hyperbranched alkyd resin has been synthesized using pyrometallic anhydride and castor oil based fatty amide polyol. The chemical properties (acid and hydroxyl values) of the synthesized fatty amide polyol and hyperbranched have been determined. The polyurethanes obtained from hyperbranched alkyd resins were used for coating applications on mild steel and wood. The synthesized hyperbranched alkyd resin was characterized by size exclusion chromatography, NMR, and FTIR. Performance of cured polyurethane coatings in terms of cross cut adhesion, impact resistance, gloss, scratch hardness, and chemical resistance has been studied. The electrochemical properties were studied by potentiostat. The thermal properties of the coatings were determined by thermogravemetric analyzer. Surface morphology of coating films was examined by scanning electron microscopy. Keywords: Hyperbranched alkyd resin, castor oil, fatty amide polyol, polyurethane, coating