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Solving the Major Issue of Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine   
  • Muyang Yan,
  • Zhengbo Zhang,
  • Wei Yan
Muyang Yan
Chinese PLA General Hospital
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Zhengbo Zhang
Chinese PLA General Hospital
Wei Yan
Chinese PLA General Hospital


Meridians(Jingluo, 经络), which have been debated in the medical community for thousands of years, are still in invisible and untouchable status. Its functions determine the human body life or death. Combined Chinese and modern medicine, we have firstly identified the anatomy and histological composition of triple energizer, which is the sum of connective tissues and its network is the carrier of meridians. Meridians are simply located on the triple energizer structure and is parts of it. We establish the concept of triple energizer-meridian network system. For the first time, we have seen meridians, touched and anatomized them, which feature universal significance to human health, and will open a new era of life science.