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Left Atrium (LA ) Compression / Impression : Unusual Cause ?
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  • Fabiola Sozzi,
  • Nandita Chabraborti,
  • Sidharth Mangla,
  • Tanya GUPTA
JROP Healthcare Pvt Ltd
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Fabiola Sozzi
Cardiothoracic Centre
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Nandita Chabraborti
Medica Super Speciality Hospital
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Sidharth Mangla
Subharti Medical College
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JROP Healthcare Pvt Ltd
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Patient presenting with breathlessness has a variety of reasons in the middle age. Apart from respiratory, metabolic, cardiac, infectious, cases have been reported in the literature with compression/impression of Left Atrium (LA) by extracardiac structures like the gastrointestinal tract, aorta / intrapericardial , pulmonary and mediastinal structures. Amongst mediastinal compression, no case has been reported to date due to compression by the dorsal spine. We report such a case of compression of LA due to the dorsal spine, secondary to trauma at a young age, and presenting in the middle age with increasing breathlessness.