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Leveraging elasticity to uncover the role of Rabinowitsch suspension through a wavelike conduit
  • A Zaher
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Campus Juriquilla
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A Zaher
Benha University
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The present work presents a mathematical investigation of a Rabinowitsch suspension fluid through elastic walls with heat transfer under the effect of electroosmotic forces (EOFs). The governing equations contain empirical stress-strain equations of Rabinowitsch fluid model, equations of fluid motion along with heat transfer. It is of interest in this work to study the effects of EOFs, rigid spherical particles which are suspended in the Rabinowitsch fluid, Grashof parameter, heat source and elasticity on the shear stress of Rabinowitsch fluid model and flow quantities. The solutions are achieved by taking long wavelength approximation with creeping flow system. A comparison is set between the effect of pseudoplasticity and dilatation on the behaviour of shear stress, axial velocity and pressure rise. Physical behaviours have been graphically discussed. It was found that the Rabinowitsch and electroosmotic parameters enhance the shear stress while they reduce the pressure gradient. The present analysis is particularly important in biomedicine and physiology.