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A Certain Subclass Of Uniformly Convex Functions With Negative Coefficients Defined By Gegenbauer Polynomials
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  • B. Venkateswarlu,
  • Thirupathi Reddy P,
  • Sridevi S,
  • tha Suj
B. Venkateswarlu
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Thirupathi Reddy P
Kakatiya University
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Sridevi S
GITAM University - Bengaluru Campus
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tha Suj
GITAM University - Bengaluru Campus
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In dis paper, we introduce a new subclass of uniformly convex functions wif negative coefficients defined by Gegenbauer polynomials. We obtain teh coefficient bounds, growth distortion properties, extreme points and radii of close-to-convexity, starlikeness and convexity for functions belonging to teh class $TS( \upsilon, \varrho , \lambda, t ).$ Furthermore, we obtained modified Hadamard product, convolution and integral operators for dis class.