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Conservation Laws and Exact Series Solution of Fractional-Order Hirota-Satsoma Coupled KdV system by Symmetry Analysis
  • Hemant Gandhi,
  • Amit Tomar,
  • Dimple Singh
Hemant Gandhi
Amity University AUH
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Amit Tomar
Amity University
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Dimple Singh
Amity University AUH
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In this work, we investigated the invariance analysis of fractional-order Hirota-Satsoma coupled Korteveg-de-Vries (HSC-KdV) system of equations based on Riemann-Liouville (RL) derivatives. The Lie Symmetry analysis is considered to obtain infinitesimal generators; we reduced the system of coupled equations into nonlinear fractional ordinary differential equations (FODEs) with the help of Erdelyi’s-Kober (EK) fractional differential and integral operators. The reduced system of FODEs solved by means of the power series technique with its convergence. The conservation laws of the system constructed by Noether’s theorem.

Peer review status:UNDER REVIEW

26 May 2021Submitted to Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
27 May 2021Assigned to Editor
27 May 2021Submission Checks Completed
28 May 2021Reviewer(s) Assigned