Introduction In this hands on lesson, learners will explore sound waves through the concept of vibrations. They will investigate how sound travels through string and use this knowledge to design their own telephone using a paper cup and a string. Lesson Duration: 50 minutesLesson ObjectivesLearners should be able to describe how sound travels in different media. Learners will work collaboratively in pairs and small groups to carry out simple  investigations about sound waves. Learners should use tools and materials to design and build a device that uses sound to communicate.  Learners should understand that technology has helped people communicate over long distances.Educational Standards NGSS:   Connections by topic Physical Science: 1. Waves: Light and Sound   Connections by disciplinary core ideas: Physical Science: 1‐PS4 Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information  transfer   Connections by scientific & engineering practices  1. Asking questions & defining problems  3. Planning and carrying out investigations  6. Constructing explanations and designing solutions   Connections by crosscutting concepts 2. Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation                               7. Stability and change   Connections by performance expectation: 1‐PS4‐1. Plan and conduct investigations to provide evidence that vibrating materials  can make sound and that sound can make materials vibrate.