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Acute aortic dissection combined with cardiac tamponade in an elderly patient saved by pericardial drainage: a case report
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  • Kazunobu Une,
  • Yui Hidaka,
  • Junji Maeda,
  • Hiroki Kinoshita,
  • Hiroshi Kodama,
  • Katsutoshi Sato
Kazunobu Une
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Yui Hidaka
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Junji Maeda
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Hiroki Kinoshita
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Hiroshi Kodama
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Katsutoshi Sato
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Acute aortic dissection combined with cardiac tamponade is fatal. The radical treatment is an aortic replacement; however, the risk is high. The treatment method for elderly patients is difficult to determine. We suggest conservative treatment with pericardial drainage may be one of the treatment options in the elderly with comorbidities.

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