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Li-containing alloys beneficial for stabilizing lithium anode: a review
  • Xingxing Gu,
  • Jing Dong,
  • Chao Lai
Xingxing Gu
Chongqing Technology and Business University
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Jing Dong
Jiangsu Normal University
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Chao Lai
Jiangsu Normal University
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Due to the soaring growth of the electric vehicles and grid energy storage markets, the high-safety and high-energy-density battery storage systems are urgent needed. Lithium metal anode with highest theoretical specific capacity (3860 mA·h·g−1) and the lowest electrochemical potential (−3.04 V vs standard hydrogen electrode) is regarded as the ultimate choice for the high energy density batteries. However, its safety problems as well as the low Coulombic efficiency during the Li plating and stripping processes significantly limit the commercialization of lithium metal batteries. Recently, Li-containing alloys have demonstrated vital roles in inhibiting lithium dendrite growth, controlling interfacial reactions and enhancing the Coulombic efficiency as well as cycle life. Accordingly, in this perspective, the progresses of lithium alloys for robust, stable and dendrite free anode for rechargeable lithium metal batteries are summarized. The challenges and future focus research of lithium-containing alloys in lithium metal batteries are also discussed.

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09 Dec 2020Published in Engineering Reports. 10.1002/eng2.12339